Zandisile Lawrence Kanise

Manager: Project Management Office


Mr Zandisile Kanise is the Manager in the Project Management Office. He has more than 25 years of experience. He started working from 1991 as a Co-operatives Development Officer for the Catholic Development Centre and worked within the Southern Africa Co-operatives Network (SACNET). From 1993 to 1998 he served as a Managing Director of the Transkei Land Service Organisation, Mthatha that played a leading role in the advancement of community land rights that were violated under both apartheid and homeland systems of government. From 1998 to 2000 he also served as a managing director of the Surplus People Project, Cape Town, and an organisation that played a leading role in the advancement of community land rights violated under apartheid system of government and forced removals in particular. For two terms (1996 and 1997) he served as the national chairperson of the National Land Committee which made a significant contribution to the land reform of South Africa through lobbying and advocacy. Prior to joining Ntinga O.R. Tambo Development Agency he worked as a
consultant in local economic development for Eastern Cape Appropriate Technology Unit (ECATU)) and the Centre for Integrated Rural Development (CIRD).
Mr Kanise as part of his career undertook a number of short courses in Process Facilitation, Writing Skills, Advanced Project Management, Batho Pele, Local Economic Development and Asset Based Community Development.

Key performance areas.
• Provide strategic guidance to the planning and implementation of projects by Ntinga
• Facilitate Project Monitoring and Evaluation
• Facilitate Resource Mobilisation in support of projects implemented by Ntinga
• Oversee implementation of Agri-Parks within the O.R. Tambo District Municipality
• Oversee implementation of Rural Agro-Finance Initiative Rafi
• Oversee implementation of the O.R. Tambo Cooperatives Development Centre
• Oversee Implementation of Maize Production by rural Farmers
• Oversee implementation of a wool improvement sheep livestock improvement programme