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a) HRRC Chairperson, SDIC, SEC &ARC

b) SDIC Member

c) SEC Member

d) ARC Member

e) Non- Executive Director

Mr M.M Pupuma is a senior corporate executive who has served in senior management positions in both the private and public sectors. He has held a number of directorships from 1997- 2014 in diverse companies inside and outside South Africa. He was accountable for the Regulatory, balance sheet and income statement. Stewardship over Company's resources, people and reputation. Accountable for Finance Performance of the business and the use of resources needed to deliver that financial Performance (Prudential and Fiduciary responsibility). Franchise Building/ Business Development, Ensuring that the three Business Units work optimally. To develop the Business Franchise in the Country ( bring the right solution to the customers. Leadership for the Country Team and Key Role in ensuring people, system and processes deliver to the market and provide enhanced customers experience. Understand and Manage key external Country Stake Holders ( Customers, Regulatory, Boards, Government, etc.) which have a bearing on business and strategic risks. He was working for STANDARD BANK OF SA LIMITED, GET AHEAD FINANCIAL SERVICES, STANDARD BANK OF NAMIBIA, STANLIB ( NAMIBIA) (PTY) LTD, UNIT TRUST MANAGEMENT, STANDARD BANK INSURANCE ( NAMIBIA) (PTY) LTD, SBN HOLDINGS LIBERTY LIFE NAMIBIA STAFIN PTY LTD, RCS INVESTMENT HOLDINGS UNITED FUNERAL INSURANCE LIBERTY HOLDINGS, SBSA SECURITY SPV TRUST QUALIFICATIONS.

Mr M.M Pupuma holds Bachelor of Accounting Science in University of South Africa. Master of Business Leadership in University of South Africa. Successfully fulfilled the requirements for director program with Kagiso Leadership. Management courses including 6 weeks in USA for the Best and Brightest Programmee for African Bankers with Chase and Melon Banks.