Trading Enterprise

Purpose of Trading Enterprise Department

-Provide Enhanced and Enabled Full Value Chains (upstream and downstream) for Agricultural Produce, Markets, Abattoir and Aquaculture.

-Provide technical advice and support to small scale farmers (agricultural related advice).

-Ensure implementation and achievement of Ntinga Strategic Goals in support of Ntinga CEO and the Board.

-Effective and Efficient Financial Management (budget and expenditure) of the Trading Enterprises through implementation of the MFMA.

-Establishment and management of strategic partnerships in all the trading entities.

-Provide technical and operational support to HTE

Core functions

O.R. Tambo Farms

O.R. Tambo Farms, also known as Adam Kok Farms, are situated in Swartberg in the Greater Kokstad Municipality. They are comprised of seven farms whose main function is to produce enough beef cattle for Umzikantu Red Meat Abattoir and other markets.  80% of the farm terrain is suitable for cattle ranching.

Umzikantu Red Meat Abattoir

Umzikantu Abattoir is one of the high throughput abattoirs in the Eastern Cape Located at Nyameni Road in Zimbane location.  We are the only red meat abattoir that is operational in the O.R. Tambo District. We are certified and have capacity to slaughter 50 units per day where one unit where 1 unit is equal to 1 cow/ox/bull, or 2 calves, or 6 sheep, or 4 porker pigs, or 2 bacon pigs, or 1 sausage pig.

Kei Fresh Produce Market

KFPM is one of 22 National Fresh Produce Commission Markets in South Africa. We are a member of South African Union of Food Markets (SAUFM). The market has 4000 M2 trading floor space.  Our core business is to market fresh produce (variety of edible fruits and vegetables), meat and other agricultural products using accredited Market Agents. The market has the capacity to accommodate four (4) Market Agents on the trading floor.