Kei Fresh Produce Market

Kei Fresh Produce Market (KFPM) was established through the investment funding from Presidential Project Trust in 2002. It was established in terms of the Companies Act No. 61 of 1973 as a Section 21 Company. In 2004 KFPM was fully commissioned as one of the National Fresh Produce Markets in South Africa, in the same year MEC for Department of Agriculture handed the management and support of KFPM to the O.R. Tambo District Municipality (ORTDM). In 2016 the ORTDM Council took a Council resolution that KFPM must be incorporated to Ntinga O.R. Tambo Development Agency SOC Ltd. under Trading Enterprise Division. KFPM is one of the productive developmental trading enterprises of the Ntinga O.R. Tambo Development Agency Soc Ltd.

KFPM is situated in Mthatha town under the jurisdiction of the O.R. Tambo District Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province. It is situated at 32 Errol Spring Avenue, Vulindlela Heights, Mthatha, adjacent to BT Ngebs Mall and Mthatha Stadium.

KFPM is one of 24 National Fresh Produce Commission Markets in South Africa and affiliated to the South African Union of Food Markets (SAUFM). The market has 4000 m2 trading floor space.  The core business of the KFPM is to market fresh produce (variety of edible fruits and vegetables), meat and other agricultural products using accredited Agricultural Fresh Produce Market Agents. The market has two market agents and has the capacity to accommodate four (4) Market Agents on the trading floor. To safeguard and keep track records of farmers’ produce and sales on a daily basis the entity use IT systems. All the operations are in line with Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) legislations such as Municipal/ Ntinga O.R. Tambo Development Agency Bylaws, Agricultural Produce Agents Act, no. 12 of 1992 from Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) and Agricultural Product Standard Act, no. 119 of 1990.

Recent Developments: The market is currently implementing the turnaround strategy with intervention areas known as the “Codes of Best Practice for all the National Fresh Produce Markets” as it pertains to key stakeholders such as market managers, market agents, producers (farmers), buyers, labour and service providers. Currently the market has two Market Agents on the trading floor and two more Market Agents are still needed. Farmers supply Market Agents with products such as fruit and vegetables through trust relationships between the two. Market Agents have the responsibility to receive farmer’s products and sell to the buyers (Retail stores, Hawkers and community members).

Trading takes place from 06h00 till 13h00 on business days. Smallholder farmers are encouraged to supply quality produce to the market. Retail stores, Hawkers and members of the public are also urged to buy from the Kei Fresh Produce Market (KFPM).