Human Capital Development

Purpose of the section

  • To coordinate and facilitate initiatives tha impact on human capital focusing on life-skills and entrepreneurship
  • To facilitate capacity building programmes that will enhance economic opportunities in the O.R. Tambo Region
  • Ensure that communities have adequate capacity to manage development initiatives effectively
  • To enhance the understanding and participation of people on democratic processes

Key Performance Areas and Objectives

Facilitate research on Government Programmes:

  • To ensure that baseline information is available on impact of government services on communities
  • To ensure change in community attitudes by conducting situational analysis on government services and products

Community capacity building Coordination:

  • To ensure that communities attain required skills in development sector
  • To establish a link with relevant institutions or organisations for the development of skills in Ntinga driven projects

Community Trends & perceptions on Government:

  • To capacitate communities through awareness raising campaigns focus on Ntinga driven projects
  • Ensure that a sense of ownership on implemented projects is developed amongst community
  • To inform the public on programmes pursued by the agency and its functioning
  • To ensure information dissemination that promotes participation of communities in development programmes

Life-skills programme coordination:

  • To ensure that community and project members have the required skills to properly manage projects
  • To ensure that members of the community understand how government works
  • To ensure that members of the community know how to access government services and programmes

Entrepreneurship development:

  • To ensure that community members especially young people gain relevant esntrepreneurship skills in order for them to participate in income generating activities so that they can support their families
  • To ensure that an entrepreneurship culture is inculcated amongst communities in all parts of the District
  • To ensure that the current development programmes supported by Ntinga are viable and sustainable

Cooperatives development programme:

  • To facilitate the establishment of cooperatives in the district
  • To ensure that community members gain access to practical economic opportunities through participating in cooperatives

Project Management:

  • To develop a plan for R6 million implementation of DEAT Projects
  • To ensure facilitation and coordination on implementation of DEAT projects