Community Project Support

Cooperatives development are aimed supporting the needs of local communities, economic sectoral development and improving the quality of life within the district through:

  • Facilitation of industrial growth through trade and commercial development promotion
  • Job creation and poverty eradication
  • Broad based communities empowerment
  • Small, micro and medium business development
  • Support socio-economic programmes of the O.R. Tambo District Municipality (i.e. housing, sanitation and infrastructure development)

Priority Projects

Key programme requirements

The cooperatives entities require sustainable capabilities to create surplus.

  • Formal registration as legal cooperative entities (comply with legislation)
  • Organizational Skills (training of members)
  • Fixed & Working Capital Investment
  • Access to markets to support sustainability objectives including preferential procurement
  • Create partnerships that support their sustainability (flexibility)
  • Information dissemination and technical support i.e. mentoring, coaching, etc
  • Empowerment of programme practitioners (decisiveness & knowledge)
  • Promotion of cooperatives and their products i.e. hosting through a website and products promotion events
  • Management support through technological innovation i.e. web portal
  • Creation of a support structure for the ORTDM region (i.e. broader task team for key stakeholders)