Agronomy (Crop Production) Section is a unit that deals with soils and crops or plants as the meaning in Latin translates “Agro-soil and Nomos- plants”. The purpose of the section or unit is to develop and implement an efficient crop production strategy that ensures local economic empowerment of Agro-community project participants or farmers.


The main objective of the section is to research, support, develop and transform the farming communities from subsistence mode of farming to commercial and sustainable crop production through the use of high agro-techniques that can meaningfully bring about cost-effective crop production.

  • Provision of mordern and effective agro-techniques including modern and effective farm machinery
  • Research and investigate high value crops that are of economical market value and importance
  • Procuring correct and guiding delivery of required inputs
  • Provision of global technical information and research
  • Participate in technical staff and farmer training
  • Fundraise and guide for crop expansion

Unit Concept

  • Investigation and research on high value crops
  • Involve the Project Implementation Section to identify the needy and deserving communities
  • Provide the required agro-techniques and inputs
  • Link the communities with the available markets