The Entity has a significant investment of public funds in community assets and assets utilised throughout the organization. To ensure such an investment is properly managed, controlled and recorded the enitity has through the Municipal Finance Management Act and the Suppy Chain Management Policy a framework in which the entity must operate.

Asset Management

All assets purchased from funds administered by the entity are formally the property of the entity, except where an agreement to the contrary is part of the conditions associated with a particular grant or contract. The key functions of this department are:

  • To ensure compliance with the entity’e Asset management policy
  • To ensure compliance with the Supply Chain Management policy
  • To supervise the overall management of assets that are under the entity and its enterprises
  • To provide a Management Representation Statement covering asset management at the end of the Financial Year.
  • To maintain the entity’s assets recording system for capital assets
  • To provide reports to the entity on a monthly basis
  • To conduct regular stock takes of capital assets

Supply Chain Management

Its purpose is to:

  • Establish what is to be procured
  • Decide on procurement strategies
  • Solicit bids
  • Evaluate bids
  • Award the contract
  • Administer contract and confirm compliance with requirements